How to Choose the Best VPN Service

A VPN will protect you from being tracked online by marketers as well as your ISP. However, not all VPNs are created equal, and it’s important to think about the features that matter most for your specific needs. If you have multiple devices you must protect it is important to ensure that the VPN provider supports simultaneous connections. If you’re looking for features such as two-factor or multifactor authentication, you should look for a service that offers these options.

Another consideration is speed; although the majority of VPN services claim to have high-speed connections, they do not always meet the promise. When searching for a VPN make sure you check the provider’s internet speed test results and compare them with other VPNs in our database. Since VPNs can be used to protect sensitive personal information, it’s important to choose an option that has a good reputation and transparent policies for business. Mullvad is a top VPN in both categories, as it does not oversell its capabilities and explains the ways it protects security. Mullvad also offers an unique method to open an account. You can either pay using cryptocurrency or mail the company a cash-stuffed envelope, making sure it knows no personal information about you.

If you plan to stream movies or TV shows, you’ll require an VPN with a wide range of servers across the world that passes our geoblocking test. PIA has more than 84 servers and has one of the fastest speeds in our tests. This makes it perfect for streaming and gaming. It’s simple to install, has an Android app that is user-friendly and has split tunneling, which allows you to connect certain applications through the VPN while other apps are routed to the regular Internet.